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Our Managed WordPress is known to give reliefs to those who need less maintenance and/or administration. We work together as a team to provides what fits The best for the Need. And this goes from hosting, DNS Management, CDN, Design, Server tuning etc…

In a simple sense of term VPS and Cloud servers are similar. In a Short answer we Provide Costs Effective Cloud Services, 10 times cheaper but twice robust than most of the cloud market. Nevertheless we will answer with 2 Basic points:

1. Security
The security of VPS hosting is almost on par with that of a dedicated physical server. The VPS is independent of any other VPSes on the same physical host, as if it were a separate machine, but poor security measures taken by the owner of one VPS could affect others on the same physical server. However, this possibility is much less likely than with shared hosting. The centralized location of the physical host offers added security to those operations with critical data whose location must be known and restricted to comply with data security regulations.

Cloud / VPS SecurityOn the web hosting security spectrum, both cloud and VPS hosting lie between shared and dedicated servers.
The security of cloud hosting is also quite high. Your server is completely separated from other clients, as with a VPS. However, the web-based nature of the infrastructure might make it more vulnerable to attacks since it is physically distributed and thus harder to secure. In addition, since the data is housed in many locations, it may not be possible to comply with some regulations on data security.

2. Cost
VPS hosting offers savings over a dedicated physical server and is usually less expensive than a cloud server. The guaranteed server resources and limited scalability result in a predictable monthly cost. The level of cost will depend, in part, on the management and support plans that go with the hosting.

Cloud hosting costs more than a VPS because you are paying for a lot of hardware, complex networking, and the resulting uptime guarantee. With these plans, you pay for what you use, so costs could be unpredictable due to unknown traffic spikes. Think of it as you would your electric bill. Sure, there is plenty of power available for you to use when you need it, but your bill goes up at the end of the month.


Absolutely Yes. But Good is defined by well optimized and configured. 

We can recommend you what to do, if you want to have a Self-Managed service.

We provide both. We usually provide Easy to Manage WordPress, but we host it to make things run smooth.

If you have any more questions, just reach out to us here

Error is Human! But we thrive to perfection just as our Heavenly Father is. If we follow His Lead, satisfaction is always MET.

We take it from Proverbs 3:5. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Yes we do to the extent of what we offer. Meaning we lay out the blueprint and you tell us if it meets your expectations. But we usually go above and beyond.

This is a question that makes one smiles! Without a shadow of a Doubt we can affirm 95% of the Time we get the Job done, and the beneficiary joyful.

We strive to keep our promises

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